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All of these stories are from the last few weeks of the Kansas City Internship and Simple Church Planting Experience:

-Jesus healed a young woman named Justine of extensive skin allergies.  Justine used to be allergic to just about every soap under the sun, and would even break out in hives from her own sweat!  After we prayed for her, she went home and showered with her sister’s soap and was absolutely fine!  Justine was also relieved of a breathing problem she’d wrestled with for 2 years.  She was so full of encouragement, that upon returning home, she prayed for her mom’s collarbone and back as well as her step-dad’s knee, and both of her parents received supernatural healing as well!

-Another young woman named Melissa had suffered from a severe peanut allergy for 6 years.  The slightest exposure to peanuts would cause her throat to constrict, making it impossible for her to breathe.  Melissa couldn’t even be in the same apartment as someone opening a jar of peanut butter!  During her stay with us in Kansas City, Jesus completely healed Melissa.  People who were unaware of her condition were  accidentally eating peanut butter right beside her and she was elated to discover that nothing unusual was happening to her body.  After asking the Holy Spirit, Melissa took a leap of faith and ate a huge spoonful to peanut butter – and she was perfectly fine!  After a lot of cheering and eating more peanut butter, Melissa and half our gang of interns promptly ran across the street to all the bus stops on 39th & Troost to tell people the good news – Jesus heals!  They spread the story of Melissa’s healing and prayed for more sick people.  The rest of the week Melissa had such fun ordering peanut butter treats at every coffee shop and cafe we went, always telling people the good news that Jesus had miraculously healed her.  She even got to return to Peachwave, the local frozen yogurt shop and tell the cute Asian woman who works there, “Last week when I was here, I couldn’t eat peanut butter, but look Jesus healed me and now I’m eating all the peanut butter frozen yogurt I want!”

-Marten’s sprained his ankle playing ball in the hood, and Jesus healed it.

-Ben’s dad had a football-shaped floater in his eye that was impairing his vision.  Ben knew Jesus was in the healing business, prayed for his dad, and the floated had completely disappeared by the next day.

-Thomas Tucker, a homeless guy who hangs out in Westport and always sings people songs was walking with a limp last week.  The interns asked him if one of his legs was shorter than the other, and one in fact was.  They asked Jesus to grow his leg out, and He did!  Right before their very eyes!  Later that night, two of our interns with back problems, Sascha & Tommy, realized that their legs were uneven as well.  After prayer, their legs grew out too.

-Rosalind was in line at the DMV and noticed a guy on crutches.  She asked if she could pray for his leg, and after doing so, the man walked to his car without his crutches!

– Our friend Asa’s knee was all jacked up, so we prayed for it.  It wasn’t healed immediately, but Asa went to spend an hour with Jesus in the prayer room right after that we prayed for him.  As he left the prayer room he realized his knee was completely fine.


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