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January 2009:  Myles and Lindsay are both in Las Vegas at a Student Church Planting Gathering, baptizing people who are deciding to follow Jesus with buckets of water in the middle of UNLV’s campus

February 2009: Lindsay is traveling to campuses.  Myles is joining a fraternity and running for Student Government at UCLA. They have a conversation, and Lindsay thinks he is cool, but that is about all…

January 2011: Lindsay is riding a bus from Redding, CA to Sacramento.  Her phone rings. “Why in the world is Myles Hamby calling me..???”  As it turns out, Myles is moving to Kansas City to work on some projects for SCPX and needs a place to live.  Mutual friends and mentors had informed him that Lindsay had an open room for rent on the third floor of the Tracy House. They have a cool conversation about social entrepreneurship and ministry in the urban core. They are both excited, and Lindsay says, “Will you be my friend?”

February 5, 2011:  Myles drives across the country, through a blizzard, swearing he won’t get into any kind of romantic relationship, and moves into the Tracy House in Kansas City.  When he walks in the door, he gives Lindsay a hug, and she is a little surprised by how great the hug is.  He is thinking she is pretty attractive.

The month of February and March: Myles and Lindsay proceed to do EVERYTHING together.  They both love to run and had individually set goals of running a marathon that year, so they decide to train for a half marathon together.  Being the only two extroverts in the whole house, they stay up late doing dishes, drinking tea, and talking about how to change the world. They go grocery shopping.  They make raw food together and sprout beans and everything else sproutable. They hang out with all the random teenagers from the hood that showed up at the Tracy House. They laugh a lot, help each other, and go on adventures. They scheme about a summer internship.  They babysit their roommates’ kids.  They intervene in crisis after crisis. Lindsay introduces Myles to all of her friends, since  he knows no one in KC.  Her best friends become his best friends.  All their talks about their dreams for the future end up being exactly the same.  And they both enjoy each other so much that just keep doing everything together.  Lindsay thinks Myles is one of the most quality guys she’s seen in a LONG time and Myles thinks Lindsay would make an amazing wife and mother.  Finally, Lindsay begins to think, “If I was spending this much time with any other guy, we’d totally be dating…”

March 23, 2011: DTR #1 (define the relationship talk).  At Kauffman Gardens, Myles tells Lindsay he admires her a lot and she responds with the same sentiment.  They decide its too weird to date while living in the same house, and that their friendship has happened too fast for any serious kind of step forward.  They decide to just be friends who like each other for alittle while.

March 23-April 22, 2011: Meanwhile, the joking escalates, the laughter abounds, and Myles and Lindsay keep doing EVERYTHING together.  They decide to plan a whole summer internship together. Simultaneously, everyone around them is getting suspicious.

April 23, 2011: DTR #2.  Clearly Myles and Lindsay need to either date or not date.  But Myles is having a particularly anxious time, and decides that for a while, they need to “pull back.”  Lindsay is sad, but by this point Myles is her best friend and she is convinced that he will eventually marry her, so she is not too worried.  Nonetheless its hard and painful and slightly awkward as they both still live in the same house.  Though they are both crying themselves just hours beforehand, when 2am rolls around and one of the kids is up crying, like always, Myles and Lindsay intervene and spend an hour entertaining a two-year-old, laughing, and feeding each other snacks.

April 24, 2011: Myles goes on a 12 mile run, decides he really wants to date Lindsay and will do whatever it takes to get over his anxiety.  Its Easter Sunday, so they spend the whole day with the Tracy House roommates, swinging on swings at the park, marking and eating food.  They laugh, they joke, they makes plans to run another half marathon, and they start dreaming up a road trip across the country.  (Now they laugh at their “pulling back.”)

May 4, 2011: Myles goes on a visit back to California. Lindsay breaks all the rules of “not-dating.”  She makes Myles his favorite – peanut butter granola bars AND peanut butter granola, gets some friends to write notes, writes him a silly poem and a few notes herself, and sends him with a packet of notes to open every day he is gone.

May 19, 2011: Sitting in the car, in the parking lot of the Boiler Room, Myles shares his heart with Lindsay.  He tells her he loves her, thinks he can marry her someday, and that its time to start dating.  Lindsay is THRILLED. (God had given her a prophetic dream three days before that this would happen… and it did – exactly like in her dream!)

June 19, 2011: First kiss. WOW.  E-l-e-c-t-r-i-c…

May 19-December 9, 2011: Myles and Lindsay DATE 😉  They run an internship for college students, both move houses, go on a few road trips, fly to the West coast a few times, run another half marathon.  They lead a few trainings on starting simple churches, go hiking and swimming and white-water rafting. They have picnics, and a few late-night adventures. They learn to pray together and seek God together.  They learn to work out their conflicts.  They have lots of conversations about the future.  They spend time with each others’ families, study for the GRE, and lead a simple church together. They take care of their single-mom friends’ children, and rescue her from all kinds of shenanigans. They experience more and more of God’s perfect love through each other.

November 7, 2011:  On the sly, Myles asks Lindsay’s parents for permission to marry her while they are visiting Ohio.

December 10, 2011: Like a champ, Myles PROPOSES!  Lindsay, of course, says YES 🙂  He asks her at Kauffman Gardens, the place of their first DTR back in March.

April 14, 2011: The two best friends are joined together for the REST OF THEIR LIVES!

[Disclaimer: There are a GREAT many, many juicy details to this story that include dreams, words from God, trippy destiny moments, super romantic moments, all kinds of awesomeness by Myles, and all kinds of sweetness by Lindsay that simply cannot be included in this “un-detailed, semi-short, barely sappy version of OUR LOVE STORY.”  If you are the kind of person who likes the sap, the gush, and the beautiful heart-wrenching stuff you will simply have to ask us in person or wait for the full-length storybook.]

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